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por leeuanna leeuanna leeuanna (2017-08-26)

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DWTS long gown dress Season 16: Week 5 Costume Critique

The opening swimwear manufacturer set this week, showcased additional Pro dancers for Len's ‘Side by Side' Challenge. It was good to see Maks again, along with several early cast-offs and Pros from past seasons.

And the costuming was costume manufacturer really good. Did you notice that everyone but the ‘Stars' were in total black, and then they added touches of either neon pink or neon green to the contestants' costumes?

Not only did Zendaya score the first 10's of the season for dancing, I gave both sets of costumes worn by Val and Maks and Anna a 10. Additionally, I gave 2 other costumed couples the big –10! Sean and Peta plus Tristan Chelsea and also Kellie and Derek, with partners Henry Anna rated top scores.

The Argentine Tango costumes...the brothers looked suave and debonair in sexy outfits (Maks in a classic black dinner jacket tuxedo trousers and Val with his black velvet vest with silver buttons and a deep red satin back, along with red ascot. And the ladies complimented each other in black lace, with a touch of red. A 1940's inspiration is common for costuming the Argentine Tango, and Zendaya's costume was beautiful and modest (suitable for a 16 year old). The bedazzled black lace was lined with red. The peplum was cute, and the ruffled neckline and draped off-the-shoulder ruffled straps were also cute. I enjoyed seeing the modestly cut back on her dress, in contrast to the very open back on Anna's costume.

The Quick Step costumes worn by Sean and Peta, with partners Tristan and Chelsea were not traditional Quick Step costumes. I LOVED the liquid lame gold with black undertones used in both ladies' costumes - yummy! The same black winged collar on bra-tops was used on both costumes, which tied them nicely together. Chelsea wore a skirt and Peta sported extremely full at the hem-Palazzo pants with high-rise tight at the waist and hip. (Read...flashback to the 1970s disco era, and an homage to the 1930's before that.) Sean sported a manly black velvet dinner jacket with gold rhinestone trim on the lapels with a gold lame bow-tie. FINALLY some glitz for his costume, and he looked incredible. Tristan coordinated but wasn't nearly as debonair.

The Fox Trot costumes worn by Kellie and Derek, with Anna and Henry were traditional, in their look. The men wore tuxedo dinner jackets with tuxedo trousers, shirts and accessories, all very dapper. The ladies had lovely white gowns. Anna's incorporated pretty lace flower appliques on the bodice and into the skirt, with an open, bare back with a silly narrow back drape of flowers. But Kellie - wow! She wore a stunning gown with impeccable beaded/rhinestoned pattern encrusting the upper part of her dress.1930's silver screen glamour was achieved with adding the wig to her outfit. The gown's back was stunning with its deep V and neck-strap. Yes, there were nude elastic straps, but they were only there to help keep the woven, non-stretch dress on. They didn't interfere with the design lines of the dress, and they didn't replace where real straps could have been.

I didn't really hate any of the rest of the costumes this week, but they were somewhat less successful than these 3 double couples.

Starting with the first ‘Side by Side' performance, the boy's costumes were B.O.R.I.N.G. But both Kym and Emma wore really fun costumes for their Cha Cha. Kym of course, was very naked with nothing on her upper and mid back, except nude elastic. The front of her costume AND the big butt ruffle treatment were lovely, and her costume was her first really glam costume this season. Emma's black costume was sexy, glamorous but less naked on the back.

It was great to see Maks ‘sans-a-shirt' this week. It's good that he's here to help and support his brother (at their Mama's orders!). Jacoby and Karina with Maks and Anna danced the Jive. Anna's yellow and hot pink, fringed ‘middle-connect' costume was more flattering than Karina's hot pink and yellow costume. Why? Karina's was made of longer fringe that swung out and camouflaged her perfect little body. Additionally, Anna's middle-connect section was narrower, so you could see the sides of her midriff area much better than Karina – hers looked like it covered her entire front. This was an illusion, as your eye was tricked into viewing it as 2-D rather than 3D (everything flattens out).

Victor and Lindsay danced the Viennese Waltz with Tristan and Emma. Both boys looked dapper in their not-pushing-the-envelope menswear. I really enjoyed Lindsay's dress with the wide, criss-crossed straps on the back. Don't you think this design feature was much prettier than the open back worn by Emma with only those nude elastics across her back? The sunburst pleating that is again popular (after a hiatus of a couple of decades) added texture and a 1940's inspiration to Lindsay's frothy pink gown.

Alexandra and Mark went ‘matchy-matchy' with Tony and Whitney, for their Samba ‘Side-By-Side'. Were their costumes black or navy? They looked black at first, but unless lighting was a factor, they ended up looking like navy, instead, to me. Mark loves his spats and I enjoyed the orange buttons for that ‘pop' of color. Disliked (I did say I didn't hate anything) those satin trousers. Really? Satin trousers are just not very classy, and I wouldn't recommend them for anyone.

The ladies fringed dresses were beautiful. The ‘ombre' effect created by layering a light shade of orange beaded fringe under the bright shade of orange, and then under the navy (or black?) beaded fringe. The diagonal hemline is pretty standard for Latin dance routines, and the asymmetrical one shoulder detail on the bodice is also pretty standard, but very visually attractive and flattering for all. The shoulder detail on the costumes was more fashion forward than a simple shoulder strap. Yes ladies, shoulder pads ARE back (remember the late 80's and early 90's…recycling of fashion does happen)! Alexandra's dress had a more modestly cut back than the really open back on Whitney's costume, which was suitable.

DL and Cheryl danced the Tango ‘Side by Side' with Sasha and Chelsea. Both men were very debonair in their dance togs. Chelsea's black Tango dress was attractive, but I really liked Cheryl's dress. It's always fun to recognize the inspirations for designs. Her costume was an adaptation of one of my favorite Red Carpet gowns this season. Did any of you recognize this homage to the gown worn by Solange Knowles at the Grammy Awards? I loved the original and I also love Cheryl's version of this geometrical cut-out dress!

Andy and Sharna danced the Paso Doble and Andy became Zorro for the routine, with his wild zipline entrance. His costume was a cliché Zorro costume (anyone can put this together) and the ladies coordinated with virginal white and nefarious black for their costumes. Emma's corseted look with leggings was fun and attractive, as was Sharna's costume. Sasha's high-rise pant with open satin shirt was also a clichéd, simple Paso Doble costume. Again, anyone can put together this type of men's costume.

The Results Show added a wonderful routine with wonderful costumes. The metallic foil jumpsuits worn by the opening Pros for the ‘Space Invasion Disco' (Tom is so good with words, isn't he?) were fabulous. I LOVED these girl costumes! There were wide black sides on the silver and the silver sides on Peta's gold unitard added interest. But the texture and details on the bodices were wonderful. LOVED these costumes!

All-in-all, a great week for costuming, and I look forward to Stevie Wonder week.



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Genuinely loved this kind of post. street view

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